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Nature Wisdom Session

Nature Connection Exploration Session

  • 1 h
  • 125 Canadian dollars
  • Phone, zoom or skype

Service Description

I guide each person to reawaken and remember their connection to nature and the elementals. I can help you interpret the wisdom nature offers by deciphering the signs you find and how to accept the invitation to play that the elementals are always sending. In this session we can explore why you have been drawn to some aspect of nature and discover which elemental or nature being is working with you. We will discuss ways for you to work with him or her going forward. We explore the polarity of life, balancing seriousness and play so we can approach life in a healthy and enjoyable way. I can guide you through the layers, working with all aspects of nature to bring you into conscious awareness. With the help of the nature beings and elementals, we look to see what blocks are tripping you up at the moment; diving deep into the energies to shift what is keeping you stuck. Life is be explored, not tolerated. ​Sessions are done via teleconference. The number will be provided once booking is complete.  Bookings and enquiries through email at

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