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On Site Nature Being Communication

I act as a mediator between you and the nature beings in order to come to a mutual agreement on how to manage your projects on your property.

Pricing will depend on location and complexity of the request with a base point of $125/hr

Contact me via to set up at session and arrange payment

Seeing Nature Interdimensionally

Spend some time with me outside and I will show you how to see nature through the dimensional fields.


Contact me via to set up at session and arrange payment

Nature Being Photo Message

Ever take a photo of nature and wonder why did I take that picture? Most likely the nature beings are speaking to you. They have a message they want to share with you. Bring in your photo and I will help you decipher the message.


Contact me via to set up at session and arrange payment

Navigating Chaotic Times Session

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With the uncertain time in all the “chaos” going on, we can feel unstable and insecure, unsure of the future. In this session, we address what is up for you and share tools on how to manage your energy and deal with the constant changes.  I will explain how our energy is creating your situation. Are you ready to take responsibility for that? Are you ready to take your power back?

This is an organic session and could be shorter or longer and the price will adjust accordingly.

Book via

Counteracting 5G Frequencies

20-30 min


Crystalline System is an expanded healing system. Every energy that is not in harmony with natural systems within Mother Earth’s systems can be counteracted by the natural systems such as crystalline system. 5G is an electromagnetic frequency that is measurable and a defined fixed frequency range. The crystalline system can counteract this.

Some people are more sensitive to these frequency alterations in their environment than others. If you are feeling effects from EMFs and wish to counter them, then is a session for you. 

In this session we will work with the crystal skull and the crystalline system to set your field up for counteracting the frequencies of 5G.

This session can be done in person or distantly. Be sure to bring a clear quartz crystal with you.

Once payment is made, book via

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Once payment is made, email me at to book

Nature Wisdom Session


Nature is always speaking to us, guiding us along the way. In this session, we will explore how nature is communicating with you. I will help you understand the messages and how to spot them. We will explore why you have been drawn to some aspects of nature and discover which elementals are assisting you.  We will work on clearing and transmuting any blocks to exploring your connection with nature.

I guide each person to reawaken and remember their connection to nature and the elementals. I can help you interpret the wisdom nature offers by deciphering the signs you find and how to accept the invitation to play that the elementals are always sending.


In this session we can explore why you have been drawn to some aspect of nature and discover which elemental or nature being is working with you. We will discuss ways for you to work with him or her going forward.

We explore the polarity of life, balancing seriousness and play so we can approach life in a healthy and enjoyable way. I can guide you through the layers, working with all aspects of nature to bring you into conscious awareness. With the help of the nature beings and elementals, we look to see what blocks are tripping you up at the moment; diving deep into the energies to shift what is keeping you stuck. Life is be explored, not tolerated.

Sessions are done via teleconference. The number will be provided once booking is complete. 
Should you experience any issues or have enquiries please contact me at

Energy Management Session

This is a teaching session where  we cover basic energy skills such as grounding, breathing and protection. I help you discover your field and help you manage how you send energy out and what you take in. You will learn how to become aware and take back your power.

This is for those who are serious in their own growth and willing to do the work. 

We cover what we can in a 1 hour session at $175

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Once payment is made, email me at to book

Celtic Wheel Spirit Animal Allies Chart


Head to the Store Page to make your purchase and receive your document immediately.

With this chart, you will receive guidance in flowing with the natural cycles of the year. For each period there is a spirit animal guide to help you do the work necessary for personal growth or manifest a project.  As you progress through the year, you will know which energy to tap into and which spirit animal guide to work with. You can set new intentions or goals with each guide and call on that guide to keep you on track.

$75 if you want to work with me to connect to guides and set intention for each portion

Booking and enquiries at

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Crystal Skull Healing Sessions

$60/30 min

In this 30 min session, we sit in meditation while the crystal skull works in your field to transmute energies related to your issue. We complete the session with a discussion on what came up to help you process and integrate the healing.

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Crystal Skull Heart Opening Session

$60/30 min

This session will help you with your heart expansion. Clear any protective mechanisms; Clear heart chakra; Learn how to expand your heart centre yourself.

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Crystal Skull Grounding Session

$60/30 min

This session will help you with your grounding.

Clear any blocks to grounding; Clear and strengthen your root chakra; Strengthen your grounding cord; Learn how to ground yourself.

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Distance Crystal Skull Healing


Humans have worked with crystal skulls throughout the ages. Everything in the universe operates out of crystalline energies, which is why we are so drawn to crystals. The crystal skulls draw on the crystalline energies and the consciousness of the crystal skull council. Working with these frequencies and your higher self, they can zero in on your pain points and clear what needs to go to assist you to uplevel to next frequency. Crystal Skulls have the ability to bypass the lower mind and any resistance to clearing pains and blocks.


They can clear timelines, entities, implants and so much more. By placing your  name and issue on a paper under the crystal skull, the skull can focus the work in your energy field to clear and transmute all energies that are ready to go.

There is no booking needed.  Once payment is made, send your name and issue to  

Once the crystal skull has completed the work, you will receive a recorded summary channeled from the skull at the email provided.

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Land Healing with Crystal Skulls
cost varies depending on need and time

I also work with the Crystal Skulls and the elementals to do land healing.  Enquire at

In Person Healing Session

You can choose individual or group session. 

In the individual session, you can choose the area of focus to heal. You will be taken into sacred space via a mini meditation in order to receive the healing that is optimal for you at this time. 

In the group session, the crystal skull will find the common issue in the group that is ready to be healed by all. 

Groups must be gathered by you to a maximum of 4 people. 

In the couples session, the crystal skull will work on clearing and healing relationship issues. 

Note: There is no touching of the crystal skull in in-person sessions unless the crystal skull requests it. 

All bookings are done via

A zoom link can be provided upon request

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Individual session: $60/30min

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Couples session: $90 for couple/30 min

Group session: $80/30 min

        Group of 2 ppl                 

Group Session:$120/30 min

Group of 3 ppl                     

Note: Length of a session can vary depending on complexities involved and time needed

Book via  with the names of all participants

Group Session:$160/30 min

Group of 4 ppl 

Animal Communication

 In  this session, I connect with your companion to see what they are wanting to communicate with you. 

Our buddies from the animal kingdom incarnate to help us on our journey, absorbing energies for us but also reflecting our own issues to deal with. They are true friends and support for us. 

We will connect via phone before the session to discuss needs and again after the session to discuss results. 

The length of the session will depend on how much your companion wants to connect. 

After  payment send me an email to book @

Animal Reiki

 In  this session, I send reiki healing to your companion.


Animals cannot tolerate long healing sessions but can take that energy to boost their own abilities.


Each session will be about 10-15 min. Several sessions may be required.

After  payment send me an email to book @

Individual Session


3 Session Package



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E Mail Question

You can have an answer to a question done via email. 

Maximum 3 questions

After payment send your question(s) to

Approximate delivery within 5 business days

Special Price for 2 Questions


Special Price for 1 Question


Special Price for 3


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I'm a Fairy Queen Earth Goddess. Like most humans, I can be a serious person but with my elemental side, I like to have fun while I do serious work.

I have a wealth of knowledge which I am excited to share with anyone interested in collaborating with the nature beings. I offer a variety of sessions from helping you to clear blocks and close timelines to connecting with your elemental guides to see how they want to work with you.  We can tailor the session for your needs and desires to best direct you to your highest and best path.

I spent years struggling with so much but especially with understanding who I am and of course loving and accepting myself. I wasted a lifetime worrying about what others think. I don't want you to do the same. Let's not waste another moment conforming. Let’s explore your truth!

Check out my services page for more information or contact me at

Occasionally I send a call out to do earth healing, put on workshops and offer freebies so make sure to subscribe to my site so you can receive theses as well as the latest updates on information and events.

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