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12 Days of Yule

A self directed journey within to embrace your inner light 
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The Yule period is an important time for the elementals. Every year, the elementals convene for 12 days with Gaia through the Winter Solstice portal to rebirth into a new year. The elementals journey from the dark into the light, evaluating, dreaming and planning in order to bring the beauty and majesty we witness daily when we set our eyes to it.


Join me for this 12 days of self-directed work, diving deep into self evaluation, dreaming and silent time through the chakra system, that will set the foundation for your new year.  Mercury will be in retrograde for most of this period supporting us to look within.

You will receive a workbook daily to guide you through the process. You can connect to an elemental guide to help you and supported by a private Facebook page.


This is your journey, you can do as much or as little as you feel guided. The holidays can get crazy so there is no need to complete each portion everyday if you are not guided to or unable to for some reason. Once you sign up, the information is available to you and since time is an illusion, you can do the work at any time.  

In these 12 days, you will

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