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Collaborating with Nature in Spring

Spring has sprung! We are finally over with winter, well on the calendar at least. In this area, winter clings on for awhile with spring teasing in between. Many are chomping at the bit to get into their gardens and who can blame them after being cooped up all winter. As the weather warms though, the elementals are asking for our patience with this. They ask to not shovel the snow off the lawns and gardens. They as not to rake or dig out dead wood and leaf matter.

There are many reasons for this. Nature has it cycles and rhythms and nothing we can do can change that, but human manipulation does cause problems. The snow carries codes that when it melts soaks into the soil and the elementals use these codes in their creations and to help nourish the earth and vegetation. The elementals have other work that they need to do before we can beginning lawn management and gardening. Another big reason is that insects, including bees hibernate in the leaf litter and disturbing them before the weather is warm enough to sustain them will kill them. If the bees die then the flowers do not get pollinated and your garden will not flourish. Ironically the invasive insects are hardy enough and will flourish and many of these will eat up the delights in your garden.

The fairies are suggesting to focus on gateway activities such as planning and sketching out how you want your garden to look like. Determine which plants you want and how best to plant them. Start seeds inside so they are ready to plant when the time is right. Research and attain sustainable plants and heirloom vegetables. Research how to maintain your garden chemical free. Sit in stillness and ask the elementals how best to co create your garden and manage your lawn.

Show them what you desire and ask how to bring it into reality. Listen to see if they have other suggestions in order to keep equilibrium in the area. Listen to see how they suggest how to accomplish each step.

The elementals wish to commend our desire to be outside and connect with nature. When summer arrives, we will be grateful for the elementals’ advice and our collaboration with them.

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