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The Use of Herbicides

I was shocked to see a commercial for Round Up the other day. I was under the impression that it was banned. I couldn’t believe it. Then 2 separate conversations stating that people are using it. Really?!

Have we not evolved at all? Have we not learned how harmful herbicides are? Has it not been clear that the chemical compounds cause harm, not only to nature but to humans as well? What is it going to take to understand that these chemical compounds do not disappear after a certain amount of time?

These chemicals don’t just go into the weed, they go everywhere; into the air, the soil, that water. Every time it rains, these chemicals gets pushed further and further down and throughout the soil and into the water tables and water ways. The soil moves with time, pushed by wind and rain and it spreads the toxins.

These chemicals are toxic, carcogenetic and very harmful to our bodies. There have been lots of studies done on the subject. We know this to be true. They are also harmful to the beings who care for nature since they interact with the energies.

Why even use them? Weeds are not the enemy. They don’t hurt anyone, except maybe stinging nettle which is more of a discomfort than anything and at least the body can heal from the sting. Most weeds are actually beneficial to us as well as the wildlife.

The more clean natural weeds there are, the more pollinators we have. And the more wildlife such as rabbits and groundhogs will be less tempted to munch in the gardens because the weeds are their primary food source.

If you are using any kind of herbicide, ask yourself what it is about your lawn and weeds that brings you to harm others? Ask yourself if you are raging war over weeds because you really detest them or because others have taught you to? Ask yourself what illusions are you tied to? Have you have fallen for the lies that nature is the enemy? Do you not realize that you are part of nature? It is time to drop the fight with nature, with ourselves, with all fight. It is time to do things differently. It is time to learn to collaborate with nature.

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