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Ravens, Crows and Humanity

Ravens and crows have been around for a very long time and there many beliefs about them. Many fear them as they believe that they are messengers of evil. Many see them only as scavengers who peck at bodies on battle fields and because they hang around and wait for the end, they are seen as death omens.

Yet, ravens and crows are one of humanity’s longest and strongest ally. The people of the Raven clan came to Earth from their galactic home when darkness began to settle into Atlantis. They came to assist us in keeping the darkness out. Unfortunately, free will could not be interfered anymore then as it is now, and the individuals made their choices.

When Atlantis fell, many of the Raven people returned to their planet but many turned into ravens and crows and stayed to continue helping humans. They flew all over the world establishing themselves everywhere that could sustain them.

They continue to alert us to danger, in the physical as is in the multidimensional realms. All we need to do is to pay attention to their warnings. I am blessed that they warn me all the time of dangers, particularly when an encounter with a black bear was avoided because of a raven’s warning.

They also continue to assist in transmuting the lower frequencies to higher ones. They do this when they fly in groups in circular formations. I often see them doing this at dusk, particularly in winter when the energies are more stagnant.

Another way that they assist us is that they call out to us to connect with our magic. They have been with us in every incarnation we have had since Atlantis, and they remember what humans are capable of in the light. They call on us to remember our truth. Whenever, I am frustrated with moving forward on my path or a project, a crow will show up outside on the electrical wire or in the neighbour’s tree calling to me, looking right at me. This is when I know that it’s time to let go and allow my magic to flow when its ready.

Many stories have been weaved about them over the years, to create fear and confusion in our minds. They were designed to take away the true power of our friends. These stories were engineered to have us turn our backs to them and walk the earth lost in the entanglement of the darkness.

The next time you see or hear a crow or a raven, stop to see what they are alerting you to. Take a moment to see what needs to be cleared from your environment as well as the greater area. Be still and tune into remembrance of your magic. Thank them.

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