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Gaia's Trinity

The trinity is an interesting concept seen through various symbols, cultures and eras. Everything in the universe has a masculine, a feminine and child side. The trinity is in all beings. Gaia is no different and is in fact, a perfect example of how it functions.

Gaia, as a being, expresses her energy primarily through the feminine. She is all about nurturing, creation, fertility, and intuition. Yet her masculine side is very present. He responds to Gaia’s fluidity with action. He is the aspect that moves the energies on the planet. He responds to energies coming in and leaving the planet as well acting as a gateway protector. Gaia’s masculine side is called Galum, also known as Geb. The child aspect is the Divine Love that flows through them into every living being existing on the planet.

As with all energies there is a balance of the masculine and feminine. That balance may currently feel unstable, yet it is an illusion. Gaia is in her young women phase, having gone through a rebirth from old women, 10 years ago. Galum completed a rebirth from old man to youth 5 years ago. Gaia has stabilized her growth so that Galum can catch up and complete stabilized balance can be restored. This rebirth only happens every 36 000 years or so and ushers in a new era. Despite the rebirthing, the balance, remains, the dance always going. When one is weak the other takes over and vice versa. Soon the equality will completely stabilize, and the Divine Love will amplify. However, it will be up to us if we can move forward with more calm, ease and grace.

Regardless of where in the dance the masculine and feminine are in, it is the child aspect that holds everything throughout the planet. The Divine Love that flows through every organism is what makes the planet live and function. It is the life force that keeps us going. By connecting into this energy and adjusting our own frequencies to vibrate at this level that we flourish. When we flourish everything else does as well because there is nothing keeping the frequency of the planet out of balance. Gaia and Gallum are the stabilizing forces allowing and supporting the Divine Love to flow into and around the planet.

This trinity exists in all of us. When our masculine side is weak, the feminine takes the lead. When our feminine side is weak, the masculine takes the lead. We too, strive to be in balance with the masculine and feminine and it is always a dance. It is our child side that flows with the love.

When we are not flowing in our trinity, we are out of harmony within ourselves and within the planetary system. The more humans out of harmony, the more bio systems on the planet drop out of harmony. Individual organisms adjust their masculine or feminine side to restore balance. With each adjustment on the planet, there is a counter adjustment and soon entire systems drop out of harmony. Although systems can function with one side leading for a time, it cannot be sustained so the harmony cannot be sustained.

When we are in a healthy frequency, we harmonize with the healthy planetary frequency. Then everything on the planet responds to this harmony. The more humans who are in this harmonious frequency, the more quickly we can harmonize the rest of humanity and the more that all organisms on the planet will harmonize. The sustainability and strength of the planetary harmony resides with each individual. That is our power and our contribution.

Gaia asks only this of us; to be in our harmonious trinity. She can handle everything except the individual for the individual has free will. It is only when we accept our true nature and harmonize with it that we will be able to become healthy beings and return our home to a healthy state.

This is true collaboration with nature. As always, I am honoured to be conduit for sharing her wisdom.

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