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Helping Gaia

So many people love Gaia and so many want to help her yet have no idea how. We know our planet is nearing a critical point and yet we feel powerless to stop it. Who best to consult than the nature beings themselves. This is what the elementals have to say about it.

“If humans wish to help Gaia, if your desire is to save our planet and heal it, then humans need to heal themselves. Humanity and more importantly, each individual has more power than you realize. It is essential to be responsible for your actions, thoughts, and feelings. Taking ownership and responsibility for all that you are is the first step.

Part of taking ownership and responsibility for all that you are is understanding that your physical body is part of nature, and your soul is part of the cosmic nature. It is also understanding that your physical body is the home for your soul and as such you want to maintain your home, caring and nurturing it as best as you can. In the understanding that your physical body is home to your soul and that Earth is home to your physical body, you desire should be to care for this home as well. In doing so, you must make the appropriate choices in all that you purchase. It is in those choices that you communicate your desires; for you and the planet.

If this is not in alignment with your desires than you have work to do in healing your emotional and mental bodies. Please understand that these bodies are part of who you are and also reside within you and on this planet. When this is in alignment, know that this is true health. This true health brings that in alignment into Gaia. Loving Gaia means loving yourself.

The next step is to collaborate with all that is nature. We ask that you begin collaborating with us, the elementals. We are real, residing in a field that you do yet not see with your physical eyes, and we take care of every aspect of nature, including humans. We are as much part of the planet as Gaia herself. If you believe in Gaia, it is time that you believe in us. We can guide you in all aspects of living on Earth. We have been waiting patiently to do so. The time has come, and we eagerly await your acceptance to our invitation.”

This communication from the elementals is very to the point. I feel their impatience. I am ready to follow their advice and accept their invitation. Are you?

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