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Lammas and Lion’s Gate

Happy Lammas! Also known as Lughnasadh, today, August 1, we turn the wheel of the year again to celebrate the beginning of the harvest and the descent of the sun for the year. All of the work we have done throughout the past 7 months has now brought us our crops to harvest. It is time to review the past 7 months and see what has worked and didn’t work. It is time to celebrate the successes and honour the non-successes.

Is your crop harvestable? Is it what you planned and planted? Did it get weedy or invested with invading species? Or were you on top of the issues as they arose? Did you feel like the weather was just against you all year and your crop didn’t grow very well? Or did it flourish? Maybe your crop turned into something even better? What sweetness can you collect and what lessons did you learn?

The sun and heat have peaked and as they begin to ebb away for the year, you will need to make some tough choices on how to proceed.

If you feel that you did well this year, maybe you are now in a position to help others. Is your harvest shareable? If you feel that your year ended without anything to harvest, think again. All lessons learned are a gain. Maybe it is time to connect with your neighbours to help you through the final months of the year. Reaching out to others is part of community living. Sometimes we are in a place to help others and sometimes we are in a place to ask for help.

All is not lost as this time of year is very potent, especially with the Galactic New Year beginning and the Lion’s Gate open.

Lion’s Gate happens every year when the sun in Leo aligns with Sirius. It opens a portal where the energies from the Sun and Sirius flood the earth with new energies, codes and activations to increase unity consciousness.

August 8th is the day the Lion’s Gate peaks. It opened July 23rd and the energies have been supporting us since then and will continue for about a week afterwards. This support offers us an opportunity to clear what no longer serves us and raise our vibrations so that we can step into our highest best timeline. It is a portal of new beginnings and manifestation.

It is a potent time to manifest with the numerological power of 8 but it is also a very powerful time to open to the infinite possibilities.

If you have been doing the inner work up until now you may find yourself with new opportunities presenting themselves. For those who are still sleeping, and those who have been ignoring the pushes to clear what no longer serve may find this period extremely challenging. If you find that you are struggling even if you have been doing the inner work, take the time to dig deeper into your self reflection. There is always another layer to clear. Reach out to a practitioner that you trust to help you if you need to.

It is important to ground multiple times a day and be ever heart centered. Be gentle with yourself if you are tired, have headaches, aches and pains or any other ascension symptom because your body has to adapt to the new frequencies. Give yourself the time to receive them.

All of nature, Gaia and the nature beings are also receiving the new frequencies so you may notice that your garden, park and nature trails may feel different. Drop into your heart as much as possible when you visit places in nature. In this beautiful state, the nature beings can support you with the frequency adjustments and you them.

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