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Message to Humanity from the Whales

Originally published June 26, 2021 The whales have been calling for some time now and I finally took the time to listen to them. Frustrated with me as much as humanity, they were noneless excited that I finally tuned in. They invited me to join the Whale Council of Earth and were quick to ask me to share this message.

"We have been trying for years to get humanity’s attention to clean up the waters and the land and we were beginning to do so. People were working together to clean up the garbage. Then the pandemic hit. Since then, humans have reverted to their old ways of thinking of only of themselves and not the whole. The oceans are becoming congested, and it is blocking the flow of the currents. This in turn affects weather patterns on the surface. Floods and droughts will appear in all the wrong places. With this congestion and the amount of toxins, it is becoming increasingly difficult to do our work. We will no longer sacrifice our kind or other creatures to gain humanity’s attention. There will be more instances of contact with humans to help you awaken. These instances may appear severe and frightening, but it is vital that we act now.

We ask that you think of the whole. We ask that you think of balance. In your quest to achieve your goals, ask who this affects. Ask how you can attain your goals within the whole with limited impact on others. We ask that you focus on balance.

When you explore your garbage load, ask if it is the best sustainable solution. Going from plastic to paper is not necessarily the best solution if it means deforestation. This will only further impact weather patterns. We do not ask that you live without. We ask only that you seek balance. In order to seek balance, you must look at the whole.

We appreciate your love as the vibrations help us and we appreciate your movement forward on this. That is all for now." A heavy message but I can see why they were anxious that I connect to share this. It is unfortunate that humanity has been so self involved during these trying times to the point of creating even more pollution. I have to admit that although I stuck to my principles in some areas, I am guilty as well for relapsing some in my garbage awareness. I hope that communities can come together soon to do clean ups and I really hope that companies that produce hemps and other leaf products are given a helping hand in producing their items but only in a balanced way, being mindful of the impacts. Sending the whales and all of you love.

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